David Himbara Playing Both Sides

After RNC’s defeat in East Congo, David Himbara has failed to find a rhythm to beat is propaganda drum to. Confused as to what happened, sources close to him indicate that he has been complaining about RNC’s Congo strategy. It is rumored that a group of pseudo-intellectuals within RNC are plotting a coup against their leader Kayumba Nyamwasa.

The group, composed mainly by self-proclaimed online activists, is under pressure to distance themselves from failed militarized movement, especially one that is constantly being defeated. They take issues with their leader Kayumba Nyamwasa for having evacuated members of his family just battles began. David Himbara is uncertain of what to do as RNC slowly disintegrates, naturally, he would prefer to join the group dissidents that wants to evict Kayumba Nyamwasa but he does not want to risk losing his sponsorship.

David Himbara is funded by Museveni and Rujugiro, he gets substantial amounts of money to lobby in North America. As he has done his whole life, David inflates bills, invents imaginary costs to rip-off RNC. For those who know David Himbara, the current confusion in RNC is the ideal situation for him to enrich himself as he speculates. He will play all sides for as long as he can, as long as Museveni and Rujugiro do not give him clear instructions.

“Himbara has never been loyal to anything”, one of his old acquaintance narrated, “if you think I am lying, ask anyone who grew up with him. Himbara is selfish and cunning.”

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