Kayumba & RNC Online Noise

RNC has no morals or ideology and their social media communications reflects this hard fact. About ten years ago Kayumba Nyamwasa and a small cartel of corrupt individuals were under the illusion that they could con their way to power in Rwanda. They started their activities with a series of grenades attacks on innocent civilians to create panic and chaos. Using hit and run tactics, they would throw grenades at bus stops and other public gathering venues. It was pure terrorism.

When their network of grenade throwers was dismantled inside Rwanda, they moved to Uganda and continued their terrorist enterprises. All sorts of schemes were plotted in Uganda, assassinations, armed groups, economic sabotage and online campaigns amongst other schemes. Failing in most of their schemes, and to set up bases in East Congo, Kayumba’s RNC is now primarily left with their despicable witch hunt of Rwandans in Uganda and an online noise on social media.

In both these schemes, they enjoy support and assistance from the top echelons of the Ugandan regime. Devoid of any ideology, all they do is hunt innocent Rwandans to persecute in Uganda and launch personal attacks on their blogs and social media accounts. One example is Kayumba Nyamwasa account on Facebook, RPF Gakwerere, dedicated to insults only. All it does is hurl insults and fictions.

In reality, it would be wrong to expect anything different from Kayumba Nyamwasa and RNC.

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