Himbara Fakes Expertises, Again and Again.

As expected as the month is ending, David himbara is recycling his post. The RNC sponsored attack mouthpiece has to meet a quota of outright lies per month. To make his quota, he picks topics where he can fake expertise and impress his sponsors, Museveni and Rujugiro.

One of his favorite topic is electricity, but he always omits a crucial detail whenever he writes and rewrites the same articles on electricity. The liar omits all mention of the sabotage of the Ugandan President, his sponsor, on Rwanda’s importation of Electricity from Ethiopia. Ethiopia had agreed to sell power to Rwanda, and Rwanda already had in place the infrastructure, i.e. pylons, to deliver the power to intended consumers. Museveni sabotaged the project and now, he is sponsoring fake news on the matter.

David Himbara is running out of steam and is playing his usual recycling game again. He is also running out of negative slander but as he is under pressure to slander and smear. So he jumps to google picks a random set of data and seals his lies, and runs to Museveni and Rujugiro to show some work done. Pathetic.

As all fraudsters do, Himbara never publishes a researched article that can face a peer review mechanism. Instead, he prefers self-publishing on social media forums that have his favorite function, the block function.

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