Fugitive Kayumba Nywamwasa Haunted By His Crimes

As Kayumba Nyamwasa and his RNC band are relentlessly posting nonsense asking where President Kagame is, one can’t help but see the irony of a band of fugitives relegated to online noise desperately trying to locate a public figure.

Haunted by their crimes against Rwanda, it is clear that President Kagame gives sleepless nights to RNC’s leaders and their associates in violent opposition. They constantly have an urge to know his exact location at all times as they take every step possible to hide their own locations. For Kayumba Nyamwasa whose plans always tumble, President Kagame’s leadership is to blame. For example, after the liberation struggle, Kayumba wanted to construct an oligopoly based on clan and family ties. Kayumba a wanted a ‘Museveni’ model after the liberation and secured Museveni’s support as well as the support of a tiny corrupt cartel headed by Rujugiro. President Kagame led Rwandans to block their model as the nation opted for a corruption-free society.

When that failed, Kayumba and his associates created the RNC, they tried to use violence and terrorism with a wave of grenade attacks. Once again, the country under the leadership of President Kagame refused to crumble to panic. Rwanda pushed back against terrorism and neutralized RNC. When RNC failed inside Rwanda, they moved out and forged alliances with all sorts of dark forces but once again, they could not match Rwanda’s diplomacy.

To understand their paranoia, one simply has to look at Callixte Nsabimana’s case, one of the RNC associates. He spent his time planning terror attacks abroad thinking he was out of reach of Rwandan justice. Callixte Nsabimana is now in Rwandan custody, leaving Kayumba Nyamwasa and his cronies to wonder who amongst them will be next to face justice for the crimes they committed.

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