Technology & Himbara

David Himbara, the RNC chief propagandist, has just woken up from a 10 years’ technological sleep. He just has discovered a flight tracking application that has been around for almost 10 years. He hurries to reveal the application and hopes that it can be misused.

With regards to technology, Himbara has a reputation of always misusing it. He turned a writers’ platform (medium blog) into a platform for abuse and smear. Back when he discovered mobile phones, he began drunk dialing in the middle of the night, a nasty habit that stayed with him even in exile. A for Facebook and Twitter, he hijacks these social platforms that are supposed to bring people together and makes them tools for division and propaganda.

David Himbara is mainly sponsored by two very old men –Museveni and Rujugiro– with absolutely no idea on current technologies. I would not be surprised if Himbara lies to them that he designed the tracking app and asks for more funds. Rwandans are not empty-headed like him, they are very tech-savvy and will certainly not be learning about new technology from him. He can impress Museveni and Rujugiro about his tech discoveries.

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