Himbara, The “Hater”

A young man, who deserves an award for his community service for single handedly constructing a road, has earned an attack from David Himbara. Emmanuel Niringiyimana made headlines for scrapping a 7 km in 3 years as part of his desire to serve his community.

In pop culture, the word ‘hater’ refers to a person who simply cannot be happy of another person’s success. When it comes to Rwanda’s haters, David Himbara leads the pack. He is a hater on top of being a paid propagandist to smear and taint Rwanda’s image at all cost. Only he could turn such a success story around and use it to ‘hate’ on Rwanda.

In his defense, David Himbara is accountable for his writing to his sponsors, Museveni and Rujugiro. With this being the last week of the month, Himbara has to smear and curse as hard as possible to meet his monthly quota. We can certainly expect more hateful writing as we close the month.

What’s most repulsive about haters, Himbara in particular, is that their own achievement are always null in the matter they write about. Himbara has absolutely no sense of community service, every he does is for his benefit regardless of the cost to others.

To deflect from their personal failures, haters like David Himbara, write nonsense sensational rubbish. Himbara can hate all he wants, Rwandans success stories will not stop to please him or his sponsors.

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