RNC Cheap Theatrics

RNC is circulating two pictures claiming to show ‘RNC stickers’ in Kigali on Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RPF Gakwerere facebook page. Failing to pose any significant military threat, he is resorting to manipulation to fool the public that he has anything like a serious operation.

Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC has over the years developed advanced skills in lies and fabrication. They use distortions, fabrications, and all sorts of tricks for their propaganda. RNC has for many years sustained itself with cheap theatrics and stunts to pump their minute size in terms of relevance. In fact, RNC and their allies in P5 went as far as to announce that they had taken over Nyumgwe forest! Now, for their next trick, they busy ‘photoshopping’ their logo around Kigali.

They are incapable of doing more than silly manipulation, and it seems that their constant failures do not serve then as lessons to the deadly ramification of too much propaganda. RNC and Kayumba somehow tricked Museveni into their regional mess as they also lured unsuspecting Rwandans to their certain death in Congo. These dangerous propaganda games are designed to fundraise and to raise their profile after a humiliation in DR Congo.

Just imagine the millions of dollar they raised for a rebellion that promised to take over a country, and after almost a decade, they have nothing to show for it. They can only show you two silly stickers on Facebook and ask all their trolls to share and distribute.

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