Himbara Should Look to Uganda’s Diplomatic Corps For Amusement.

Nothing is more amusing than to see what makes self-exiled troublemakers jump to their keyboards. Government appointments, in a government they claim not to recognize, always gets them on their keyboards writing conspiracies and lies in overdrive. With the recent appointment and reshuffle of Rwandan Ambassadors, David Himbara is fixated and glued to their keyboards. The RNC liar in chief writes about the recent nominations claiming that some has been dumped, and warning others that they might suffer the fate of his boss, Kayumba Nyamwasa.

David Himbara, RNC Liar in Chief

Himbara and his RNC group do not understand some basic concepts of public service such as rotation, redeployment, promotion, and even demotion. They fixate on appointments with their personality cult lenses seeing only names ignorant of the fact that it is not about individuals, it is not a popularity contest, it is about institutions. David Himbara and his RNC circle cannot grasp these basic concepts in their narrow-minded worldview filled with nepotism and corruption.

Luckily, their main supporter and sponsor Yoweri Museveni offers an ideal world for them to go and enjoy parochial politics filled with nepotism and corruption. Yoweri Museveni’s system is based on who knows who, he appoints and demotes family and friends. In Rwanda, appointment, rotations and demotions are based on professional criteria, merit, and competence.

Unfortunately, David Himbara cannot bite the hand that feeds him. He will not dare to write about Uganda’s diplomatic corps and some of the clowns in that are part of it. If he was not sponsored by Museveni, he would write about Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza, Sam Kutesa’s offshore accounts or his #1510 bribes. He should spare his energy commenting on nominations in Rwanda, his focus should be on his sponsors and political groups.

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