The Truth about Charles Kambanda, Kayumba’s Friend!

Kayumba Nyamwasa flashbacks of Charles Kambanda hate articles calls for a proper briefing on the character he quotes.

Kambanda is well known for his genocide denial, in fact, he was charged with it in Rwanda. He is also reputed for his abuse of authority; as a lecturer, his path is full of lawsuits from his former students that claim he took advantage of them. He is accused on several occasions for attempts to trade sex for grades.

One of his former students, Clet Kintu, took his accusations further on social media. Clet Kintu narrates how Kambanda tried to kill him, how he threatened his family and Kambanda’s extensive use of poison! The torment that Clet Kintu describes on his Facebook, the pressure he was exposed to, makes one wonder what kind of a monster this Kambanda is. It is hard not to note that the student must have been psychologically affected by Kambanda, at times the student seems incoherent something very normal for victims of abuse. Interestingly, Kambanda does not even attempt to defend himself, instead, he writes smear against Rwanda and its leaders. Charles Kambanda doesn’t want anyone to focus on his darker side.

Kayumba Nyamwasa – RPF Gakwerere on Facebook – is that desperate, he will ally himself with literally anyone. To join his team, all that one must do is to speak ill of Rwanda. All other shortcomings, including genocide, are automatically forgiven.

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