Himbara Thinks His Readers Are Stupid!

David Himbara, the RNC Propagandist, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, is back with his usual lies. In his usual fashion, he is assuming that his readers are too

stupid to catch his propagandist smear and slander.

Himbara and his RNC set up a major operation in Uganda with the support of Ugandan Intelligence (CMI). They hunt down innocent Rwandans and force them to join RNC. Those who refuse are, lock them up, torture, subjected to forced labor and then illegally deported. The government of Rwanda responded with a travel advisory to its citizens warning them against the dangers of going to Uganda. Is the Propagandist proposing trading containers while they lock up hundreds of Rwandans in Uganda?

Uganda, especially Kampala, has also been a hub for subversive activities against Rwanda. FDLRs, MRCD/FLNs, RNCs members have been meeting there to plan hostile acts against Rwanda. They are offered undeniable support; passports, arms, money, logistics, etc..

Now Himbara, the RNC Propagandist, wants to blame Rwanda for the current stalemate. He even goes to the extent of deforming geography, claiming that Rwanda has no route to Kenya ignoring that one can get to Kenya via Tanzania!

The irrefutable fact is that RNC’s terrorist activities in Uganda have harmed relations with Rwanda, Congo and the entire Great Lakes.

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