RNC Lies And Personality Cult System.

David Himbara is a pathological liar! A few hours after writing that the Secretary General of ANC was the only foreign guest at the #Kwibohora25 –25th Commemoration of Liberation Day– He quickly tries to backtrack as he notes the presence of the following Heads of States:

– The President of the Central African Republic

– The President of Zimbabwe

– The President of Sierra Leon

– The President of Togo

– The President of Namibia

– The President of Botswana

– The Vice President of Nigeria

– The Prime Minister of Tanzania

– The Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda

– A Special envoy from Kenya

– A Representative of the Kenyan Ruling Party

– The Kenyan Army Chief of Staff

– A Representative of the Ugandan Armed Forces

– A Representative of the Tanzanian Army

Even Burundi, with its difficult relations with Rwanda, sent its Ambassador for the event!

The RNC Liar in Chief from his hiding place in Canada should do more research. Claiming that Rwanda is isolated in EAC are silly and crazy.

Lacking in ideology, RNC is built on a personality cult platform, the concept of delegation of Power is foreign to the Kayumba-Rujugiro worshiping buffoons. To the rest of the world, anyone who sends a strong delegation to represent him is present!

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