RNC / CMI Wiped Out

According to RNC sources in distress, “we were wiped out, Kayumba and Museveni are liars”. I was recently intrigued at the non-stop bickering of Ugandan Intelligence sponsored blogs on a supposedly ongoing war in eastern Congo, they labeled it the Minembwewe War. Minembwe is a Banyamulenge (Congo tribe assimulated to Tutsis) dominated area in East DRC – and claim Rwanda, Congo, and Burundian rebels are fighting without clearly saying who they are fighting against.

So far, in their confusion, Uganda and RNC claim Rwandan Army (RDF) in involved, Banyamuleges are targeted and Burundians are victims. Yet we are seeing videos and pictures of RNC operatives paraded by the Congolese army.

Major (rtd) Habib Madhatiru, RNC / CMI Sponsored
CMI Project Exhibited by FARDC

The intrigue begins with a fact, Uganda and RNC seem to be the main noise maker on a factious Rwandan Army activity in Congo. The duos are more active in writing about a military operation in Congo than Congolese media, civil society, and the government combined. Eventually, even their audience will have to ask why are these blogs so obsessed about the situation in Congo.

It is now an established fact that RNC and CMI are working together. In fact, CMI and RNC are so entangled together that it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish the two. Both CMI and RNC went to the extent of forging alliances with Mai Mai, FDLR, FLN, and other groups operating in East Congo. When they report via their blogs on a Minembwe war without saying who is fighting, they are asking for help from as one fighting side taking a serious beating.

Their involvement, and most importantly their loses, explains why they are the only one calling attention to the situation. They do not want to die a silent anonymous death at the Congolese army’s hand, they are trying to drag down Rwanda with them. What they do not understand is that for Rwanda and the rest of the world, it is almost always amusing to watch a criminal caught red-handed! What were they doing in the Congo in the first place?

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