Himbara Counting to 36!

David Himbara, the RNC propagandist has failed to produce anything of substance. Failing analyses statistics, economics or development, David Himbara has reduced himself to primary school counting. He is extremely busy counting President Kagame’s foreign trips and apparently, Himbara is not able to count to 36!

When counting, the RNC propagandist entangles himself counting the same trip two or three times! Himbara’s counting obsession is certainly linked with his end of the month issues. Paid by Rujugiro and Museveni to constantly smear and tarnish Rwanda, David Himbara has a quota to meet. We can expect more counting and silly articles as he prepares his June 2019 invoice. If only his sponsors were young enough to visit his blog! They would notice Himbara is still up to his old tricks, stealing and conning for a living.

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