Himbara, The Slave Catcher

Neocolonialism is real and operational through slave catchers such as the RNC propagandist David Himbara. In a France 24 interview, President Kagame accurately called out the arrogant neocolonial minded narrative that Europe is the holder of truth, the judge, and jury on human rights. Himbara responded with an article condemning the President clearly in defense of the neocolonial approach of denigrating Africans to account to Europeans on human rights.

bis repetita placent – that which pleases is twice repeated – neocolonial ideology finds in David Himbara a willing slave catcher to defend their misuse of the human rights narrative. The RNC propagandist defense of the neocolonialist is probably speculation for some human right funds. He would then give the funds to his RNC terrorist to throw more grenades or use the funds to defend the grenade throwers once they are caught.

These 21st-century slave catchers come with self-proclaimed titles and self-published works almost always include ‘Experts’ in their credentials, code slave catcher for hire. So far, David Himbara is a self-proclaimed expert on all issues ‘Rwanda’ with three self-published works to his credit as a slave catcher.

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