Himbara’s Cartel Not Happy With National Budget.

The RNC Chief propagandist, David Himbara, has always aimed to harm the economy of Rwanda. He now writes an entire article on the budget with full of cheap lies.

Himbara claims that the government of Rwanda will only finance 53% of its budget. He argues that since tax revenue represent 53%, then that the level of national contribution to the economy.

Any economist will laugh at this claim, a complete lie! Taxes are not the only sources of revenue to a government, Himbara knows this but chose to mislead his readers. Governments get revenue from investments in bonds, properties, trade, etc.

Himbara also claims that the government will seek loans and grants, internal and external. If Himbara had any objectivity, he would let us know why Rwanda, just like 99% of countries in the world, should not take loans and grants.

Apart from his sponsors’ –Museveni and Rujugiro– directive to smear and slander Rwanda, Himbara has a particular spite with the economy of Rwanda. In his megalomaniac belief, he was certain that his self imposed exile would have a negative impact on the economy. He is now realising that the economy was not affected, in fact, it benefited from his departure.

An insight of the membership of RNC reveals that it is a very corrupt group. Take their main sponsors, Museveni and Rujugiro, both fans of nepotism and extreme corruption. It is precisely because Rwanda refuses to bow to their opaque practises that they fight Rwanda.

Rwanda is much better ever since Himbara and his RNC cartel left it, with results that cannot be tarnished by disgruntled monopolist propaganda.

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