Himbara Borrows From Nazi Tricks

David Himbara is on track to earn a new title, King of Rubbish Recycling. Asides from boring his readers to death with fictitious news stories and ‘analysis’ on Rwanda, David Himbara has now embarked on a massive ‘repeat the story’ mode.

To the untrained eye in communication, Himbara is just boring. Himbara, the propagandist is using the infamous Nazi ‘Big lie’ technique, straight from Hitler and Goebbels playbook.

The Big lie technique is based on two principles: one the bigger the lie the more likely it will be believable and secondly, repeat the lie over and over again. Eventually it will be believed. That is the Nazi technique. Himbara’s recycling is therefore a deliberate Nazi styled propaganda tactic targeting to tarnish an entire nation.

The cause for the RNC propagandist’s desperation to the point of using tricks from the Nazi playbook is the constant stream of failures and their serious disconnect to reality. Sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, RNC has failed over and over again to make a dent in Rwanda for the past 10 years or so. Falling lower and lower, we can expect more dirty tricks from their Chief Propagandist, David Himbara.

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