RNC and FLN lies on social media have finally caught up with them. On Twitter and Facebook, they are busy writing to that one Camir Nkurunziza was killed by “DMI Rwanda”. In their usual fashion, they sweeten their lies with James Bond-like tales of highly sophisticated operations. Here are cold facts. Camir Nkurunziza was killed in a hijacking incident in South Africa.

Without a single shred of evidence, not even a local media source or rumor, they immediately call it an assassination and point to Rwanda. So far, local media sources are leaning towards Camir Nkurunziza being the hijacker in the story. Time will tell.

Take a look at the various sources below, facts, not just mere RNC & FLN rumors.

Local Sources

According to the South African police, this is what happened.

“Circumstances surrounding the incident that occurred this afternoon at 5pm on the corner of Hugo and Milton roads, Goodwood, are under investigation,” said Western Cape police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana. “According to information, a vehicle that was allegedly hijacked, a Toyota Etios, was spotted by the police and the driver fled. A high-speed chase ensued and the vehicle collided with three vehicles. Two men in their thirties were shot and fatally wounded,” she said.


Other sources are blunt in their reporting calling Camir Nkurunziza one of the hijackers.


Camir Nkurunziza shooting


Two suspects shots

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