Himbara Manipulates Numbers!

David Himbara, the RNC Chief Propagandist, is misleading his readers with manipulated data once again. This time he is using foreign aid statistics to push a gross lie that 70% of the Rwandan Government’s budget is foreign aid. As usual his data is nothing more than a few numbers he cherry picks from a Google to set a distinct narrative. Himbara is tasked by the RNC to attack and tarnish Rwanda’s image.

He usually writes political attack pieces at the direction and on behalf of a terrorist organization, Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and once again he amazes us with numbers on a budget that is not yet out. Not only he uses old data from World Bank, numbers that triggered a government program to reduce aid dependency but he also deliberately uses Rwanda Revenue data for unintended purposes.

Instead of using the Central Bank (National Bank of Rwanda) data, he concentrates on the number of registered tax payers as if unregistered tax payers have no contributions. National revenues are not only taxed based, revenues are also generated from investments, bonds, and trade.

Furthermore a per capital calculation –dividing by population size– skews results in the case of Rwanda as neighboring countries hold bigger populations (Except Burundi). For example with Tanzania’s population almost four times the population of Rwanda, it would be illogical to use per capita compilations.

Himbara often uses these cheap tricks to justify to his sponsors – Museveni and Rujugiro – both in their 70’s that he is working hard to tarnish the image of Rwanda. He avoids doing real and proper research, submitting to peer-review, preferring to Google, blog and self-publishing.

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