Nsabimana Makes Himbara Sick!

David Himbara, the RNC chief propagandist and liar, has taken some time to react to an important event in his world. His world comprised of ‘Rwandophobes’ whose dream is to destroy Rwanda, dual earthquake hit hard. Not only was Callixte Nsabimana – an influencial member of his world – caught but worse, the apprehended terrorist confessed and spilled the beans on their terror network.

When Himbara finally found the stomach to write something, he did so deflecting. Dusting away what Nsabimana revealed will be hard, as Nsabimana confirmed what was already public knowledge. As for Himbara’s claims that Nsabimana was forced to confess, Himbara should read the court transcripts. Nsabimana actually cracked a joke in the process saying that even birds knew that he was the leader of a terrorist organisation.

For a while, Himbara had been calling Nsabimana a hero, a brave soldier, but suddenly with his confession, Himbara downgrades him to a ‘member of a rebellion’. I wonder how long it will take for Himbara to throw Nsabimana under the bus and claim the entire trial is nothing but a staged set? Soon, he will probably tell us that Nsabimana was a paid spy.

Nsabimana’s revelations are particularly painful for Himbara as his main sponsor Gen. Kandiho –head of the notorious Ugandan secret police CMI – was mentioned.

CMI has been accused of thousands serious human right violations, assassinations such as torture, assassinations and much more. It is an outfit so brutal that Ugandans are afraid of mentioning it. When Nsabimana mentioned CMI’s boss, Himbara’s heart must have missed a beat or two. Gen. Kandiho is well know in the international spheres of human rights as the person who is currently coordinating a wave of arbitrary arrests and torture of Rwandans living in Uganda.

The same can be said of Nsabimana’s revelations on his works with Burundian intelligence service. It is equally public knowledge that Burundian secret services are currently under investigation for crimes against humanity by the ICC, including mass killings, torture, rape, etc.

Nsabimana gave us a glimpse at Himbara’s world at a pre-trial stage, just imagine what will revealed at trial stages! David Himbara will find it very difficult to spin this one, especially hard since two other fellows of his world (FDLR Spokesperson and Head of Intelligence) are also on trial in Rwanda with one massive coincidence with the Nsabimana case – Uganda.

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