Himbara Fails To Stop Rwanda, Again!

Today, Rwanda has just joined the OCED development centre and it seems to have angered David Himbara. The RNC spokesman is furious and fuming that Rwanda has joined, he had just spent all his time blogging on VPNs and trivial issues.

David Himbara, and the RNC terrorist network he works for, should get used to this new reality. Rwanda is moving on while its distractors are busy with their smear campaign. Himbara and RNC tried almost every single trick in the book to contain Rwanda, smear, fake news and terror attack. They also joined hands with Museveni’s regime, joined FDRL Genocidal forces, paid $440,000 to lobbyist, but they kept failing.

In his fury, he tries to explain that Rwanda joining OCED Development centre is no big achievement, I could not help but notice that his paymaster Yoweri Museveni has not yet managed to join the organization. Himbara should use his time to help Museveni to join this organization but calling it names like ‘OECD poor cousin’ will not help. As he gives advices Museveni on economic affairs, David Himbara should tell him to look at Rwanda for inspiration. He can talk about Rwandair to inspire Ugandan airline, Volkswagen model for the Ugandan KMC, and many more.

Rudeness has not worked for Himbara and lies have not helped either, so if you can’t beat them, join them. Give up trying to contain Rwanda’s development for purely selfish reasons, humbling ask RDB for help and direction.

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