Fake News Expert Himbara

David Himbara, RNC Propagandist has lied yet again. He claims in an article that Volkswagen Rwanda sold only one car assembled in Rwanda. His claim is absurd to any residents in Rwanda, anyone living in Rwanda will simply laugh at Himbara, we have seen more than one car proudly stamped ‘made in Rwanda’. According to The Newtimes, in March 2019, they had sold 90. (Link to Newtimes story, https://www.newtimes.co.rw/business/volkswagen-rwanda-vehicles).

Himbara attacks any success story from Rwanda, he is tasked and paid to do so. When he fails to find negative news, he imagines a wild story and publishes it. Since Himbara is taking interest in the automobile industry, perhaps he can write a paragraph or two about the made in Uganda car, Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC).

If he wants to link automobile industries and government performance, KCM is owned by the Uganda government is the enterprise he should focus on unlike Volkswagen Rwanda which a privately-owned enterprise. He would however not dare write about a catastrophic failure of his sponsors, one of many linked to the corrupt nature of the Uganda government. The Volkswagen factory is a target simply for its success considering the KCM failure.

I still don’t know why Himbara throws such blatant lies. I suspect he is being audited by his sponsors (Museveni and Rujugiro). Himbara probably realized that visits to his blog are way below the target and is desperate to increase views. He should understand that his lies are insulting to his readers, it is driving readers away as they realize that Himbara’s blog is cheap propaganda without any substance.

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