CMI Hijacks Citizens’ Letters

CommandPost, a CMI propaganda mouthpiece, twisted an open letter by one Dayo Ntwali – a social media user – to the President of Rwanda. Ntwali wrote a letter complaining about water prices and utility provider’s services in a nine-paragraph letter. CommandPost turned it into a three-paragraph propaganda article listing only complaints.

CMI (Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence), Museveni’s secret police, has been tasked with carrying out hostile acts and negative propaganda against Rwanda.

At face value, the open letter is a request for the tech-savvy Head of State of Rwanda to engage in a monthly interaction with citizens on Twitter. The President of Rwanda is known for his close interaction with citizens and also well known as a promoter of technology, in fact, he was one the first African Head of State to use Twitter to reach and interact with both Rwandans and foreigners ten years ago. The open letter was, however, hijacked by Uganda’s intelligence and turned into an attack piece.

Uganda has severe social unrest caused by a defunct political ruling class. It is marred with corruption, nepotism, discrimination of political actors who believe that liberating the country 33 years ago makes then entitled to it as personal a property. Headed by Yoweri Museveni, the aging political elite has gagged media, used tax to curtail social media and financed propaganda tools such as CommandPost.

You may ask why a Ugandan online media publish an open letter to the Rwandan Head of State ignoring thousands of Ugandan letters to the Ugandan President. CommandPost is following well-known propagandist tactics, creating a bogeyman to unify their divided society and trying to convince their citizens that they are better off than others.

Their latest attempt to hijack an open letter is nothing else but the act of a desperate regime trying to smear others and hoping to look better in the process. Their logic, ‘We look bad but if all looked as bad then we would look better’

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