Himbara Angry with Good Governance

David Himbara has just written an article criticizing President Kagame style of leadership. Himbara, the RNC lobbyist, does not like that President Kagame is holding government officials accountable to the people of Rwanda. He begins with a massive lie that the President of Rwanda is the only appointing authority, something that would simply be impossible to implement and continues with his usual lies in translating and misquoting.

As the lobbyist for a group that threw grenades at innocent civilians in Rwanda, Himbara’s priorities and morals are skewed. His priority is that Rwanda should be managed in an ineffective and an unaccounted manner. Currently, the world economic forum ranks Rwanda 7th in government efficiency. This result is because of President Kagame’s leadership who will use his office to hold everyone accountable.

Himbara is bitter as he did not make the cut in Rwanda precisely because he wants to be held unaccountable for his inefficiencies. Luckily for him, his new employees, Rujugiro and Museveni, are both a great match for corruption, inefficiency and ‘unaccountability’.

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