Himbara Admits: Rwanda-Uganda Border is Open!

Himbara has finally admitted that the Rwanda-Ugandan border is open in writing. He admits that the border is open but says the Rwandans are not allowed to cross to Uganda causing financial losses to transporters. The RNC lobbyist Himbara is finally ready to debate the real cause, the security of Rwandans in Uganda.

Himbara’s Medium Post

Why are Rwandans are not travelling to Uganda? Why has the Government of Rwanda issued a travel advisory against travelling to Uganda? These real questions should be analyzed and answered.

Uganda is not safe for Rwandans because the government of Uganda has adopted a hostile policy to Rwanda. Uganda is not safe because CMI and other Museveni regime agencies are harassing Rwandans, illegally arresting them, illegally imprisoning them, torturing, and holding them incommunicado!
CMI in many cases works with RNC to do this.

It is an open secret that RNC, a terrorist group, has pitched camp in Kampala. It enjoys safe heaven and more, it enjoys state power in Uganda. RNC, whose spokesman is David Himbara, try to force Rwandans to join their dissident group or face persecution. Hundreds of Rwandans have suffered this current persecution in Uganda leading to a travel advisory.

Either Himbara is worried about the commercial impact of his group’s persecution of Rwanda or he is worried that his group cannot find new victims to torment. Either way, unless Uganda is safe enough for Rwandans, he should not expect the government of Rwanda to lift its travel advisory. Human lives are more important than trade or politics.

David Himbara should also go through all his post and correct them. He should write the truth, the border is open but Rwandans are not travelling to Uganda!

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