Twist and turn, Dear Himbara

As you publish very intellectual economics on bus companies – a copy paste from Rwandatoday – we are enjoying your small dance.
It is evident that you lied when you said Rwandans cannot get to Kenya. It is also evident that you skipped the real issue, your orchestrated persecution of Rwandans living in Uganda.

Your fabrications, in conjunction with CMI (The Ugandan secret service) have landed Rwandans in torture chambers. Do you expect the government of Rwanda to make it easy for you to land more in jails?

Himbara, RNC Lobbyist, your politics are against Rwandan interest and your acts confirm that you are the Ugandan spokesman.

You can therefore continue to twist and turn facts for as long as you want. Rest assured Rwanda will do its best to keep us safe from you, your RNC, your associates and sponsors (Ugandan CMI, FDLR, P5).

If you were genuine in your concern for Rwanda, you would post one short article denouncing the ongoing persecution of Rwandans in Uganda. I will, however, not hold my breath as those persecuting are your bosses!
We know Rujugiro and Museveni are behind everything you write and are the cause behind every tortured Rwandan.

Most likely, you will simply ignore suffering Rwandans in Uganda and enjoys you blood dripping check.

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