HIMBARA DAVID, De-facto Museveni-Regime Spokesperson

The RNC chief propagandist David Himbara has “taken issue” with President Kagame’s speech, made during the Head of State’s current visit upcountry. It was expected that Himbara would come up with more negativity, since that is what he is paid for anyway.

One of the things the RNC mouthpiece slowly has morphed into is “de-facto Museveni-regime spokesperson”! Every attack on Rwanda, and more particularly its leader is done in coordination with pro-Museveni websites, Facebook accounts or blogs.

If only Himbara and his associates knew how silly their manipulation games are! Here he is, claiming that “Kagame’s entire speech in Burera was veiled threats against Uganda.” What nonsense! Himbara is a character that obviously thinks his patron Museveni can spend all his time spitting on Rwanda, then expect Rwanda’s leader to say, “oh, no problem, it is only raining!”

Lying as usual, Himbara goes on, “Kagame, without naming Uganda, viciously attacked it for various strange reasons.”

What this shameless propagandist implies here is that when President Kagame states the obvious, that there are neighbors that do not want peace for Rwanda; that are working to destabilize Rwanda, it is “something strange to say”. But what would the chief propagandist of the terror group that’s in cahoots with Museveni to destabilize Rwanda say?

The liar forgets that people have seen his interviews in the Museveni government mouthpiece, New Vision. Or that the boss of RNC, Kayumba Nyamwasa too has gotten a full spread to air his anti-Rwanda messages, just like other RNC officials, turning the New Vision into a megaphone for the terror group.

Himbara can try to twist the truth, and even deceive a few gullible readers. But the truth is there for those that want it.

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