Himbara Slanders Over and Over Again

David Himbara has written another of his slanders against the Rwandan President. He claims the President cleared all roads during a car free day event in Kigali. For the spokesperson of the grenade-throwing RNC to question the security precautions of the Rwandan leader is ironic! Except that Himbara is writing distortions. President Kagame did not “clear the roads”! There were crowds there. But the fellow (Himbara) is blinded by his hate for the Rwandan administration and could not even notice that the President of Rwanda was in the company of kids in the car free day.
He is, as always, manipulating his audience with a selection of pictures that he selects to fit his narrative. Himbara has been away for too long, it is possible that he is incapable of understanding the concept of a car free day. For his information, a car free day mean roads are cleared of cars!

Here are a few other pictures that Himbara does not want you to see as it is completely destroys his narrative.

Naturally, I will not be expecting an apology or a simple answer from Himbara, we can only wait to see what other lies he will try to pull.

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