Himbara aims for Economic Sabotage

The Chief propagandist of RNC a terrorist group, Himbara David is now targeting the economy, he wants to create panic. The RNC spokesperson that received over $400,000 to attack Rwanda with a smear campaign. He is now trying on lipstick to make his crime seem less criminal.

After writing about the Gashoma power plant, he is now reviewing the Rwandan government’s budget. Himbara puts on his economist hat and gives us a misleading interpretation of a budget. Himbara and his group of terrorist and Genocidaires would like nothing but to blow things up, cause havoc, pain and despair. Do you thinks he cares about a balanced budget? Mind you, his expertise should also be questioned. He is confusing a Budget Framework Paper and an actual budget, I wonder how this guy became Professor.

All he wants to do is cause economic hardship by deliberately smearing and warmongering to harm the economy. He is infamous for saying numbers are cooked in Rwanda, but now he is busy quoting the “cooked” numbers.

It is important to note that he has a specific task within his terror network. He is tasked to do economic harm, while other try to lay their hands on more harmful means. Fortunately, he will not succeed, as reality is different to his virtual world, and the fact is Rwanda is developing at an incredible rate.

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