Himbara Panics

David Himbara’s blog is a roller coaster of emotional distress. Writing about Presidential awards, he hoped to distract us from major breaking news, Sankara’s arrest. The RNC Chief propagandist listed awards granted to the President of Rwanda but failed to capture a few. President Kagame is also credited for stopping the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda perpetrated by Himbara’s associates.

Himbara is probably jealous, so far, he has only to his name a fallacious award dumb Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza prize for Democracy and Peace, 2017. This award is a pure creation to boost Himbara’s ego.

As the day progressed, Himbara got wiser, or sober, he realized that there was nothing he could do to bury the major breaking news and opted to change tactic. He decided to write an elaborate denial of association with Sankara. He publicly dissociated himself from his hero stating himself to be a simple armchair activist. What is Himbara afraid of? Is he panicking that Sankara will divulge their P5 secret association and terrorist entreprise?

Himbara is a coward, something we already knew, now he expects that cowardness to be a defence for his innocence in terrorism against Rwanda. Rujugiro gave him $ 440,000 US Dollars, Museveni gives him logistical support, Kayumba feeds him with instructions. Himbara is not a harmless armchair activist, he is a criminal and will be found guilty in any court room.

He can then add Terrorist to his list of titles, Prof, Dr, RNC Spokesman, Uganda CMI Senior officer, etc… Throwing Sankara under the bus and taking distance from difficult situations is Himbara’s specialty. He should wake up, smell the coffee, their online terror programs is a crime, and he will one day face justice.

In complete disarray, calling himself a coward, “ … a coward like me who fights with a pen”, he ends his online panick with a befitting Shakespeare quote about cowards. He quotes, “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.” Our coward Himbara died on of his thousand deaths with the Sankara news, he will get used to it, failure will become an acquired taste.

One thought on “Himbara Panics”

  1. Callixte is singing like canary. All cards are on table
    The like of Rujugiro, Kayumba, Rusesabagina, Gasana, Mukankusi etc.are sleepless for the last weeks: panik can be stressful. With irrefutable proofs of their direct involvement in terrorist activities; i can’t help i see these goons life literally ending in jail like the former FDLR leader who died in Stuttgart Jail. The same destiny await them…mark my words.


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