And Himbara is now a LEGAL EXPERT

Himbara has now moved to legal debates after a catastrophic international relation outburst. The audacity he writes with, nothing but a smoke screen of his failures, is consistent with insight on him that surfaced.

Married and divorced two or three times, he is familiar with legal jargon. Right after his Uganda defence duties, he is now trying to reinvent himself as a constitutional expert.

He has been acting as the prophet of doom, yelling war and famine at Rwanda’s doorstep. As all false prophets do, he is now cherry picking verses (constitutional articles) to make text speak his mind.

He should really read more about treason, since he brought up the subject, and use common sense. How can an self declared terrorist, who spends $440,000 to tarnish his motherland, have the audacity to mention the word treason?

Luckily, his readers will not forget his blunders. They can see his spin and attempt to change the topic. He was writing about security in Rwanda this morning, when he noticed that his readers are comparing Rwanda and Uganda, he backed off.

President Kagame doesn’t read Himbara’s venom, President Museveni co-finances it with Rujugiro. That why Himbara can’t write about constitutional age limits, corruption in Uganda, nepotism in Uganda, or even type UGANDA in all his writings – expect his pleadings for the unclosed border to be opened.

If he spent his time reminding his sponsors about constitutional rights to free assembly, to freedom of speech, to rule of law, Uganda would be a much better place.


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