Himbara Corrupt Inner Circles

Responding to a Newtimes article, Himbara lured us away from debate. He diverted our attention to three women, spinning himself out of hot waters on a sensitive issue, Inner circles.

Inner circles are a favorite, recommended feature of governance, according to Dr. Himbara. His remedy has been successfully applied in certain country in the Greatlakes. A country that has a father, President, a wife, Minister and a son, General. Neoptism is defined in this Himbara land of opportunity.

Mention Uganda and David will fire back harder than Ugandans officials; it is his inner circle. He gets so defensive and it is understandable, they offer him and his entourage passports, money and support. Their objective, to put an INNER CIRCLE in Rwanda.

The inner circles of corruption, nepotism and impunity collapsed in Rwanda, but corruption fights back. Sponsoring a wave of grenades explosions, armed rebellion to make sure that the corruption free, and inner circle free, Rwandan model does not thrive.

Himbara should address his obsession with inner circles and why he needs them so much.

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