After a bitter morning, probably with a hangover, David Himbara woke up in a bitter bullying mood. His target? A Rwandan freelance Journalist, Grace Kamugisha. Her offence? Daring to publish with more than one media house. Himbara is a bitter loser. He is aware that freelance journalists can publish with more than one media house. His deliberate attack on a freelance journalist is also linked to hatred of freedom of speech and opinion. Try telling him, or asking him something he doesn’t like, he will block you.

Grace Kamugisha is not the only freelance journalist to publish with multiple outlets, yet she is on the receiving end his venom. In this male dominated world, she has to resist bullying from misogynists like Himbara who hate professional women. She is ten times bigger and wiser than the bitter propagandist trying to divert attention by attacking a professional woman making her name in media.

I still can’t believe Himbara is allowed to teach young minds! What course does he teach, bigotry, hate speech, dictatorship?

Lastly, is Himbara the Uganda Government spokesperson, with his complaints that Kamugisha “is trashing Uganda?” Who gave Himbara Ofwono Opondo’s job? Isn’t he the chief propagandist of RNC?

But you never know, in Museveni’s Uganda, being a Uganda government spokesperson, and being RNC chief liar are one and the same thing.

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