RPF GAKWERERE, The New Radio Milles Collines

Reading this latest Facebook post of Kayumba Nyamwasa – masquerading as “RPF Gakwerere” – he is some resurrection of the infamous RTLM Radio Station.

Nyamwasa has been trying his hand as a propagandist, under the pseudonym “RPF Gakwerere” for some time now, using the most venomous language to sow hatred of Rwanda. Every lie he utters against Rwanda or its leadership; e.g. that “Rwanda is killing Ugandans” (even when he knows well who is killing those people, i.e. his patron); that “Kigali is ‘kidnapping Rwandan refugees’ from Uganda”; that “Rwanda is sending spies to carry out missions in Uganda, and in Burundi”! is calculated to sow hatred.

The shameless vuvuzela went ahead to claim Rwanda kidnapping an American Tourist, in Uganda! Now he is claiming detailed knowledge of supposed Rwandan plans “to infiltrate Uganda”.

In every utterance, of course he is backed, or supported by the regime that’s in bed with him; the same regime that hosts his terror operation, helping recruit for his RNC rebels, and the like. He is not alone.

But Nyamwasa is getting crazier.

Recently he has been accusing the Rwandan head of state of jailing his future son in law. That is, after doing his best to pin the tragic death of a model on the first family, but giving no evidence of course. This is proof that “RPF Gakwerere” aka Nyamwasa needs treatment in a mental facility.

It is highly questionable whether this man is still well mentally.

He has been desperately trying to start a war against Rwanda since he went to self-exile. So far it has not worked out that way. When they tried an attack through Nyungwe, they got a thorough thrashing.

Late last year Nyamwasa’s plans suffered another body blow when two of his top FDLR partners got arrested.

Fils and Abega have been giving damning information not only about FDLR plans and plots, but also about RNC, plus the entire alliance with a couple of morally bankrupt neighboring regimes.

This may explain Nyamwasa’s increasingly erratic behavior.

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