Crocodile tears

Gakwerere and Himbara have joined hands in their long quest to tarnish Rwanda for a while now, but they recently started giving each other complements for their low level articles. They have been posting about imaginary hardships oan behalf of Rwandans. Rwanda which has a parliament, a vibrant media and civil society that would raise any hardships in an efficient manner does not need their help.

We all know that their single most important objective is to harm Rwanda. From throwing grenades, launching demonizing campaigns, forming armed rebellions, all they do day in, day out, is attack Rwanda. Recently, Gakwerere credited Himbara for the ‘exclusive’ pictures for his story and followed it with established pattern. – Lies, slander and fantasy.

These con artists combined effort to produce exceptionally fake articles. It is the collabo from hell, one pretending to see starvation from Canada, the other seeing closed borders, both voicing concerns about poverty and development in Rwanda. We could ask them if the terrorist attacks and their wave of negative campaign they unleashed is a poverty alleviation effort, but we would be giving them an opportunity to spin, rant and propagate their lies.  

Crocodile tears, filled with acid, is what comes to mind when the two corrupt characters begin to cry for the poor. From their plunders, in their luxurious lives in Canada and South Africa, they will critic everything and anything as long as it harms Rwanda. Almost all of RPF Gakwerere and Himbara’s post begin with Kagame and follow a series of lies.

Gakwerere and Gicibwa are also intolerant, they have never believed in free speech. So far, they manage the most censored social media accounts blocking anyone who does not agree with their posts. As they joined hands and heaps together, let us wish them good luck and thank those who are keeping us safe from their nonstop machination.

As the duo engage us with their version of ‘Dumb and Dumber’, we should relax because history tells us such unholy alliances do not last. RPF Gwakwerere is greedy, unstable and so is his partner, his spokesperson, David Himbara.
Gakwerere and Himbara are nothing more than ambulance chasers, chasing for a headline, they probably obsess about the number of viewers and confuse that to the number followers. They will confuse the number of followers on their fakebooks to the number of soldiers in their imaginary armies.               

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