Himbara will use you and dump you.

Himbara and young girls

Under normal circumstances, Himbara’s petty crimes are ignored as he is committing higher crimes (treason). His lust for attention and power are not entirely new to those who know him. Moreover, his systematic abuse of young bodies and minds, power and influence is no state secret either.

We see him posting and inciting Diane Rwigara to lead a revolt, we obviously ask why. Is it because of his love for her or is it in line with his attention seeking? You would be forgiven to think that he simply wants to cause trouble for Diane in a calculated equations of how to reap from her troubles.

Before one decides on the attention seeker’s motive, it is important to note that he has a partner. Yes, he does have a history of luring others to do the heavy lifting, he kind of missed the war and just returned to reap other people’s hard work. Mr Gicibwa also has a history of taking advantage of other peoples’ suffering. Yet his past experience with women and men makes it clear that he also enjoys inflicting pain and suffering.

My deduction is that he wants Rwigara to suffer and reap the benefits, not just for political gain but also to satisfy his inner demons. Out of respect for his past victims, I will refrain for giving details that might be used to identify them, but as a father, I would ask all parents to keep Gicibwa (AKA Himbiri) away from their children. – both girls and boys.

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